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Welcome to the informational site for the homeowners in the Valley Lakes 2 community association.

Valley Lakes Community Association II, Inc. is located in Round Lake Illinois and is the common area (wetlands) maintenance association for the homeowners in the communities of Coventry Glenn Apartments, Heron Bay & Fairfield Lakes (Pasquinelli) and Remington Trails 2 (Remington Homes) townhomes.


We'd like to use this site to communicate with the members of the association and as a place to publish common information for the benefit of all our association members. 

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News and Information

 Annual Meeting - Thursday March 2nd, 2017
The Valley Lakes 2 Annual Meeting and Regular Board Meeting will be held at the Coventry Glen Club House, 1399 Coventry Glen Dr, Round Lake, IL 60073. Meeting will start at 6PM. All members are asked to attend.

 Wetlands Burn - April 2014
Weather permitting; Davey will be doing local burns this week. This effort is focused on the area around the ComEd lines.

 Coyotes in the Neighborhood
February 9, 2014 - Be on the lookout; watch your kids and pets, two good sized coyotes were seen Sunday morning about 8:30AM February 9th in the backyards of Remington Trails townhomes near the wetlands, by the ComEd power lines. These animals are usually nocturnal but do come out in the daylight hours, usually looking for food which can be small dogs and cats. Children should know that these are not dogs to be played with and should not be approached.

 Wetlands Clean up
Beginning on Friday June 21st, weather permitting, Acers Landscaping will be doing wetlands clean-up along Fox Trail in the Heron Bay Community. We expect them to be finished in a few days.

 2013 Spring Wetlands Maintenance
Starting as soon as Monday April 29th 2013, Davey Group will begin our spring and summer wetlands maintenance. The first order of business are controlled burns of the wetlands along Fox Trail.

The Prescribed Burn is the most effective and efficient way to manage invasive and undesirable plants in the wetlands. The burn will help to naturally reduce the undesirable growth and allows for mineral and nutrient regeneration to the soil in a natural way. Additionally the burn may reduce the need for herbicide treatments in the future.

Davey will be notifying Round Lake Fire Department on burn days. They will have supervisory personal on site with their work crews.

Additional wetlands maintenance (Brushing, Mowing and Supplemental Seeding) will be done throughout the spring and summer of 2013. This maintenance will assure that our wetland stays healthy.

 Wetlands Brushing to Commence - Jan 2013
Davey Group (formally Landkeepers)will be commencing the brushing of the north side of Turtle Creek Lane within the next couple of weeks. There was some talk of starting the 8th, but we may be more likely to be there on the 14th to start. We have the okay from the city to burn the debris that we produce, so not only will we be brushing, but there will also be burn piles to get rid of the brushed wood. We will not be leaving an unattended fire, however, there may still be some smoldering Monday through Thursday. Also, some surviving woodies around the country club basin, we’ll be taking care of those at the same time, but burning the debris back in the turtle creek basin area.

 Wetlands Maintenance the week of May 21 2012
Landkeepers will be out applying herbicide in the detention basins along Fox Trail and in between the townhomes on Remington and Turtle Creeks Lanes..

 Wetlands Update - Spring 2012
We have contracted with LandKeepers for another year of wetlands maintenance. Although our wetland plan called for a partial burn of selected wetlands, this years early spring left us with less than optimal conditions for a controlled burn. The burn will be postponed for a year hoping we have better conditions in 2013. Landkeepers will be doing spraying for weeds and brushing. This is similar to last years maintenance and it will keep the areas worked last year from degrading.
Homeowners adjoining the wetlands will notice workers in the wetlands this spring and summer. Questions regarding maintenance should be directed to the manager at LandKeepers 815-334-8266

 Wetland Update - August 2011
Landkeepers is doing our secondary herbaceous herbicide treatment. Thus far, the initial treatment looks very rewarding! Many of the teasels and biennial thistles are dead or showing signs of significant decline. Additionally, we believe VERY LITTLE if any seed has been produced this year by them. Hopefully, after next year (since biennial seed from last year will show it's ugly head next year), the area will start showing a significant drop in those populations! I do not think Teasel seed lasts long in soils, so we should start really being able to bask in our success by 2013! Additionally, very little sweet clover, thistle, and rose are surviving. We are hitting all of those populations as well as any Teasel that appears to have any green on it (we're really shooting for the kill here). Finally, we are really focusing now on the first year biennials (especially, sweet clover and Teasel) to stop the growth/seed cycle. This will help make an improvement in as early as next year!

 Wetlands Update - Summer 2011
    Brushing of Remington Trail/Turtle Creek Lane Basin

The first part of removing all woody invasive trees (box elder, young cottonwoods, young cherry) and undesirable plants (willow, buckthorn, honeysuckle, multiflora rose, raspberry, etc.) has been completed. The woody debris that is down on the ground has been left there to improve the soil and once dried out, will become fuel for the future prescription burn. This burn will aide in killing off any invasive re-sprouts and allow the native plants to thrive. This is all part of the process to restore the ecological health of the natural areas within Valley Lakes II. This can be done but like all things Mother Nature does, it will take some time.

    Week of July 11th

LandKeepers will be back at Valley Lakes II to begin herbiciding the non-native plants in the prairies surrounding the townhomes and the prairies within the wet basins. The goal is to reduce the current large population of invasive plants which will improve conditions for the native plants to come through and increase in size and number. What you may notice is some curling of plants and/or turning brown which is to be expected. This is a large area to cover and LandKeepers is planning to be at Valley Lakes II for the entire week, weather permitting. If you happen to see the crew and have questions or concerns, please feel free to chat with them.

 Wetlands Maintenance
Beginning April 25th and through the next several weeks restoration will be done in the Remington Trail and Turtle Creek Basin natural areas. The goal for this area during the first phase of the project is to reduce the invasive and aggressive undesirable woody vegetation along the slopes of the basins. This will encourage a greater diversity and density of native plants to reduce soil erosion issues and support a healthier balanced ecosystem. The aggressive woody plants (willow, buckthorn, honeysuckle, box elder, etc.) will be cut down and the remaining stumps will be treated with herbicide to prevent re-growth. Future treatments of the herbaceous understory will also occur to continue the proper maintenance of this natural area.
Please direct any questions regarding this work to Dottie Corbin or Nicky Obenauf at LandKeepers
Work Area

 Millennium Trail update
July 2010
Update: The Daily Herald reports that construction of the trail has begun again. The current plan is to extend the trail from the south up to the Round Lake Park on Fairfield (also known as the Disc Park) and complete this part of the project by the end of 2011. This expansion will possible touch the far south end of our community but no word on when or if the Lake County Forest Preserve District will continue the trail through Valley Lake 2 as originally planned.

July 2009 Update:The trail construction along the ComEd right-of-way has been stalled. Due to liability issues with the use of their property by the County. More info when it becomes availalble.
Preliminary work on the Millennium Trail has begun in our neighborhood. The Lake County Forest Preserve has begun engineering work on the trail from Nippersink road north along the ComEd easement up to Fairfield Road. You may notice excavating equipment and surveying flag work being done in the next few months. This is the initial effort before Trail construction. It’s estimated that the preliminary work may take as long as 6 months in order for the Forest Preserve District to get the necessary easements and permits. They’re still having some issues with crossing Wilson Road on the south end of the trail but the Forest Preserve District has decided to go ahead with Trail construction from the Round Lake Park south to Baxter. So we should see work on and off for the next few months.

More information will be added as we get it.

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